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CDS Stainless Steel Low Friction Channel Liner For Gen 1-5 Glock Models TiN

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GEN 1-5

CDS Low Friction Stainless Steel Channel Liner For Gen 1-5 Glock Models TiN Coated

The  Low Friction Stainless Steel Channel Liner is a new product. One of the problems with trigger kits for Glock Pistols is the issue of light primer strikes with reduced powered striker springs. The Stainless Steel channel liner reduces the friction between the channel liner and the firing pin assembly which allows for more reliability with reduced power springs. The addition of the Titanium Nitride coating provides greater corrosion protection and lower friction on the surface.



  • Less friction to help increase Firing Pin speed
  • Allows for the use of reduced firing pin springs with a major reduction in light primer strikes
  • Removable without any tools for easy cleaning/maintenance
  • Low friction Stainless Steel allows for a lifetime of use
  • Much less fragile than OEM channel liners
  • The more it is used the less friction there will be
  • Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coated



This channel liner is designed as a drop in unit and does not require the use of tools for install or removal.