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Arsenal Inc. 7.62x39 Magazine 10 Round

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A 10-round capacity low profile (5-round body) magazine. 100% US made magazine for 7.62x39 caliber rifles. Smooth body made from the same polymer and texture as the US-made furniture found on all firearms from Arsenal Inc. Introducing a FIRST US-made magazine with a steel lug insert. The steel lug allows for longevity and a precision snug fit. Helps prevent wear over time do to rubbing against the magazine catch found on all AK-Style rifles.

The magazine will count as three (3) 922r compliance parts with the US made follower and plate. In black color, also available in plum color polymer, and 5-round capacity.

Great for states that only allow lower capacity magazines.

These magazines are made using original design and specs. They are of the highest quality found on a low profile magazines. These magazines pass the Russian Mil-Spec drop tests.

ak47 10 round mag