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Stainless Guide Rod Assembly For GEN 3 Glock 17,22

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Introducing the MOD1 Stainless Steel Guide Rod Assembly: Enhanced Performance and Unmatched Durability


Upgrade your Glock experience with the superior MOD1 Stainless Steel Guide Rod Assembly. Designed as a drop-in unit, this complete assembly boasts a range of special features that make it the most reliable and long-lasting system on the market.


Key Features:

1. Solid Stainless Steel Construction: Our guide rod is precision CNC machined from a single piece of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability.

2. Removable Allen Head Screw: The guide rod is designed with a precision-machined removable Allen head screw, providing easy maintenance and customization options.

3. Certified and Heat-Treated Recoil Spring: The recoil spring is manufactured using certified materials and undergoes heat treatment for extended lifespan. Additionally, it is shot peened for stress relief and calibrated to meet Glock factory specifications.

4. Comprehensive 1-Year Warranty: We stand behind the quality of our product. The included recoil spring comes with a full 1-year replacement warranty, covering not only materials and workmanship but also failure due to wear.



- Enhanced Reliability: Say goodbye to feeding or ejection failures caused by chipped, cracked, or broken plastic guide rods. Our Stainless Steel Guide Rod Assembly ensures smooth and reliable operation, shot after shot.

- Improved Accuracy: The elimination of guide rod flex minimizes potential accuracy problems, allowing you to achieve consistent and precise shots.


Choose Your Finish:

Customize your Glock with a variety of attractive finishes to suit your style. Options include Black, Blue, Burnt Bronze, FDE, Gray, Hi-Viz Orange, Nickel, Orange, OD Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Satin Aluminum, Stainless, TiN(Gold), White, and Zombie Green.


Guide Rod Versions:

Select the preferred screw type for your specific needs:

- MOD1: Allen Screw
- MOD2: Smooth Tip Screw
- MOD3: Torx Screw
- MOD4: Button Head Screw


Spring Weight Options:

- Factory Recoil Spring Weight:
- Glock Models - 17,17L,20,21,22,24,31,34,35,37: 17lbs (Glock Factory Specification)
- Glock Models - 19,23,32,38: 18lbs (Glock Factory Specification)

- Alternate Spring Weight:
- 11-16 LB Recoil Springs: Ideal for reduced power loads
- 19-24 LB Recoil Springs: Suitable for heavy ammunition loads, including +p and +p+


Note: The selected finish applies only to the screw, ensuring a personalized touch.


Upgrade your Glock to the pinnacle of performance and reliability with the MOD1 Stainless Steel Guide Rod Assembly. Experience a lifetime of dependable service. Order yours today!