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Glock 43 OEM Lower Frame Parts Kit

$99.95 - $129.95
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Glock factory OEM frame parts kit to build your new frame or to replace worn parts on your current frame. All parts included in this kit are factory Glock OEM parts. This kit fits Glock 43.

Includes the following parts:

  • Glock OEM Trigger w/ Bar
  • Glock OEM Connector
  • Glock OEM Trigger Housing Mechanism w/ Ejector
  • Glock OEM Slide Lock Lever
  • Glock OEM Slide Release
  • Glock OEM Trigger Pin
  • Glock OEM Trigger Housing Pin
  • Glock OEM Slide Lock Spring
  • Glock OEM Magazine Release Spring
  • Glock OEM Magazine Release
  • Glock OEM Locking Block (Optional)